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When we look through the three lenses of what the world needs, generating business value/return on investment (ROI), and what companies can do—there is immense value and impact to be unlocked and unleashed.

Companies that want to maximize ROI and impact should look for opportunities to embed CSR and sustainability in the core of the business, and true leaders find ways to catalyze others in their value chain--and beyond. Companies can also leverage their operations, their values, their people, and their investments to amplify ROI and impact.



CSR Lab helps companies become leaders and helps leaders become catalysts through:

  • Catalytic  CSR Strategy

  • Embedding Purpose

  • CSR Elements

  • Goals & Targets

  • Impact & Measurement

  • ROI & Valuation

  • Strategic Communications

  • Behavioral Design


We've helped leaders and those just getting started. And we've helped companies with the full spectrum of needs, from strategy to ROI, from reporting to materiality, from valuation to embedding CSR in the core business. 

Click to see examples of our work.


We work with public and private companies, domestic and global, in all industries - technology, pharma, biotech, retail, financial services, media, energy.

And we work with foundations, NGOs, and coalitions. 

If you want to take your CSR to the next level, you're in the right place.


Phil Clawson

CSR Lab is a boutique advisory firm.


We work with companies of varying sizes in myriad industries around the world to drive measurable return for people, planet, and profit.

We help clients build truly compelling stories – and tell them compellingly.

We have over 20 years of expertise in CSR and sustainability, and a proud history of advising leaders in this space.


4 Briar Cliff Drive, Wilbraham, MA 01095  Tel: 617-297-7001

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