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Leaders across industries—CPG, pharma, financial services, technology, automative, energy, retail, media, and many others—have benefitted from the expertise of CSR Lab personnel. Talk to us about how you can too. 

I had the pleasure to work with Phil in the development of my company's CSR report and materiality assessment process. He brings a deep knowledge of the subject and great enthusiasm to the team. He is a strong advisor to help guide the organization towards a process that elevates their CSR efforts to be a best in class. He helped drive our processes and efforts to be more of a catalyst and leader than we were at the time. He was able to explain concepts in a clear and concise way, while easily engaging the team to meet our objectives. More importantly, the timeline we had was insanely tight and without hesitation and issues he and the team met the deadline with two days to spare! It was one of the most amazing things I've seen. 

Chris Barr


Phil Clawson is knowledgeable, detail oriented and quickly becomes part of the team. He is a creative thinker who sees a concept from 35,000 feet and works with you to manage and execute all the pieces from start to finish. Any company large or small looking to establish a CSR platform can turn to Phil to create a strategy and execute it flawlessly.

Faith S. Weiner

Stop & Shop

On the year-long journey to develop and to seek management's approval of a new Environmental Sustainability Strategy for Novartis, Phil was an integral and seamless part of our team. He brought a wealth of other corporate experience in sustainability and, with that, was able to offer valuable insights on a number of topics, including typical hurdles encountered in seeking to move large corporations to a new, higher level of ambition and how it might be approached. Phil's ability to bring thoughtful insights and really "dig in" with the team during an intensive year was a significant asset, and ultimately he was part of the team's collective success in the approval of the new strategy.

Karen Coyne


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