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CSR Lab helps companies become leaders and helps leaders become catalysts.

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Catalytic CSR Strategy

  • Assessing current state of company CSR, envisioning desired future state, and building a roadmap to get there

  • Helping clients be catalysts, engage and influence others (suppliers, customers, employees, competitors, etc.) to amplify impact

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Goals & Targets

  • Setting ambitious goals and targets, including science-based targets

  • Visualizing the glide paths and necessary investments to achieve targets

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Embedding Purpose

  • Embedding and integrating purpose throughout the business

  • Linking purpose to concrete business ROI

  • Helping employees connect their own purposes to their work


Impact & Measurement

  • Mapping and aligning CSR activity and strategy to drive measurable change on priority SDGs

  • Measuring impact on priority SDGs



  • Building and improving the key elements of CSR – core business practices, sustainability (carbon, water, waste), philanthropy, volunteerism, diversity & inclusion, ethics & transparency, leveraging the value chain

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ROI & Valuation

  • Making the business case for CSR—using methods and language that speak convincingly to CFOs and CEOs

  • Measuring value of CSR ROI—past, current, and future

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